SACPA Litigation Fund Calf Rollover Auction October 17

SACPA has established a new fund controlled by its board of directors. For lack of a better name, it is called the “lobbying and litigation fund, or the L&L fund.”

Santa Rita Ranch is sponsoring a Calf Rollover Sale at the Marana Stockyards and has donated a calf to initially fund this effort; the sale is to be held on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. Then, in the event it is necessary, we hopefully could retain Bas Aja and/or Patrick Bray on a retainer to represent our interests in the event that ACGA cannot.

Here’s where each of you can help ensure the success of this effort. Please participate in the Calf Rollover Sale on the 17th; encourage others to support the sale as well–whether they own cattle or not is irrelevant.

We already have the commitment that several Arizona cattle feeders intend to lend their support.

It’s not necessary for you to actually attend the sale in Marana; you can call Clay Parsons at 444.7650 or 682.4400 anytime between now and the 17th and pledge a bid – anything from $25.00 to whatever you feel comfortable donating; every little bit will help the cause and all you will have to do is send your check to Clay indicating it’s for the SACPA Calf Rollover  Sale.